Thursday, 6 December 2007

Online Information: Quote of the day

"In the knowledge economy there are no conscripts, only volunteers".
Euan Semple (blog) used to work at the BBC doing knowledge management stuff and he is passionate about wiring up the world of work.
Here are the things he said that I wrote down to think about at some point:
  • Compared with knowledge management and document management systems Web 2 seems messy and disorganised to the corporate world. But giving people access to internal blogs, wikis and forums has great value.
  • They enable collective "pointing to stuff" (which is quicker and easier for people than creating documents)
  • Internal forums are the democratisation of the workspace.
  • They also make good people more visible
  • One person at the BBC put an idea for a programme on the forum and everyone people said he was mad because someone could steal it although - in truth - if someone DID steal it, everyone would know.

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