Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Journlaism: back to basics (not a deliberate mis-spelling but it seems appropriate to leave it)

I've suggested before that those of us who deliberately entered journalism probably imagined ourselves to be a potential Bob Woodward or Hildy Johnson (right).

Alas, I have never worn a hat like Rosalind Russell's but it has been fun nonetheless.

And it's really exciting being in the midst of so much change (although that is easy for me to say as I'm no longer a journalist).

Anyway, all of which is a long winded intro to a fabulous video uncovered by DigiDave who offers some analysis.

I, however, offer merely entertainment and nostalgia for a time even I don't remember (except to say: note the emphasis on words; a tyranny that lives on).

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markcrail said...

You may not remember it, or perhaps you are telling small fibs about your age, Andrew, but trilbies and green eye shades aside, most of it looks terribly familiar from my early days on a regional daily paper back in the early 1980s. Loved the "women - know your place" stuff in the middle, though.