Friday, 17 August 2007

The problem with video is audio

Video can be really engaging and we're trying to up our use of video here.

People get very excited about using it and the hardware and editing software are so affordable now that it's easy to produce quality video that's quite good enough for the Internet.

But the one thing that pisses me off big time is the sound quality of "non-pro" kit. It's rubbish and marks the whole thing as being the work of amateurs regardless of the visual quality.

And there seems to be a conspiracy among camcorder manufacturers to keep non-pro kit sub-standard by increasingly failing to feature an audio-in jack on lower spec machines. One of our titles ended up resorting to getting a second-hand camcorder from eBay in order to get something they could plug a mic into.

Anyway, gripe over. Just came across this article on audio from the days when camcorders had audio-in sockets (three years ago) which has some good advice.

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