Friday, 4 January 2008

What a wonderful widget world

My inestimable and resourceful colleague Michael Targett has put together a collection of useful widget links and has invited me to publish it, for which I thank him.

Recommended widgets

News widgets

Images widgets

Video widgets

Apple widgets

Community widgets

Blog widgets

RSS widgets

Map widgets (good one for community build by nation)

Creating your own widget

Further widget reading

Widget marketplaces (see WidgetBox , LabPixies and Widgipedia)
Widget blogs (see WidgetsLab and Widgetoko).
Widget conference (whole conference)


Piersj said...

another link for you;

Ivan Pope keeps an excellent directory of widgets up to date here at Snipperoo

Derek Anderson said...

WidgetsLab thanks you for the recognition!
I thank you for including us in your attempt to help your organization into the new world.

You deserve a promotion!


Andrew Orange said...

Thanks Derek. I'll tell my bosses you said so. :-)

Anonymous said...
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Spuds McKenzie said...

Another link for you:
Focus is on widgets to and from Japan.w