Friday, 4 January 2008

Digital journalism and all things digital

I like this term - "digital journalism". It opens one's thinking to video, pictures, games, maps, mash-ups in a way that "online journalism" doesn't.

Anyway, I came across it in the context of a "goodbye dead trees" post from the wonderfully named Kara Swisher who has been covering digital issues for the The Wall Street Journal's San Francisco bureau since 1997.

She co-produces and co-hosts All Things Digital In her post, Swisher says:

...after almost eight months of daily blogging for this site, I think it is safe to say that I will probably never write another thing professionally for a print publication and will spend the rest of my career – such that it will be – publishing online only.

Incidentally, I really like All Things Digital. I think the home page is a really cool way of combining headlines, people, UGC, "most popular" (although the Top 10 may not actually be "most popular" - it may be an editorial decision - but that's the expectation.

Swisher does a lot of video interviews. They are really quite low-tech (although the sound is better than most one-journalist-and-their-camera video) and they work - six minute interviews with people using what appears to be a handheld video camera (although she clearly has a steadier hand than I have).

And probably quicker to turn around than a traditional written interview-based feature.

Anyway, here is an example:

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