Friday, 25 January 2008

Selling user-generated content

There's a really useful document on Marketing Sherpa called Marketing Wisdom.

In it, "101 [good number!] marketers and agencies share real-life stories and lessons learned."

It contains e-marketing tips based on marketers' experiences such as "short email subject lines achieve better open rates than long ones".

Useful anyway, but the $127 price tag on the front of the document also got me thinking.

Acutally, it's not $127 , it's free to download, but it reminds me what a great source of material UGC is and how people love to see themselves in print.

Print (I reluctantly concede) confers prestige and people love to be in it.

To be featured in a real live book on sale to the world is also alluring. And now that self-published book printing can be achieved cheaply and easily through sites such as lulu, wouldn't it be easy to package and sell UGC collections (with the full permission of the users, of course) - tips, anecdotes, photographs, recipes.

If it flies, it flies. If it doesn't, nothing much lost.

I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

Oh, and you can download Marketing Wisdom here.

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adders said...

JPG magazine blazed the way on this - it's a regular printed collection of UGC photography.

Very popular, too.