Monday, 21 January 2008

What are we supposed to do with popularity stats?

Like many aspects of online publishing, information about what people actually do online is both a blessing and a curse. Here is what the photos section of the aviation community looks like today:

Yes, scantily clad women are what our users really look at.

It's always a bit puzzling to consider what one should do with this information - upload pictures of more scantily clad women and fewer aircraft?

Of course, in this case it's pretty self-organising as it is the users who are uploading the photographs anyway and the aircraft outnumber the cheap exploitative calendar shots by about 5000 to 1.

But when it comes to news, it's a knottier problem. If you're chasing traffic, do you respond to popularity or do you continue to make grand editorial decisions based on what you believe is important for people to read.

The answer is "both", of course. The most read article on the BBC news website is currently Paxman to meet M&S over underwear even though the lead story is Darling unveils Rock rescue plan.

Publishing "Most read" also gives an added boost to these interesting-but-unimportant stories.

Should one give readers what they need to know or what they want to know? Who's to say?

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