Friday, 26 October 2007

Newspaper video practice

Thanks to Editors Weblog for drawing my attention to this interesting research on the use of video by online newspapers.

The survey was conducted by Andy Dickinson (which sounds quite like Angie Dickinson, doesn't it? Great name).

Anyway, the results are interesting:

* The average length for video is between 2 -3 minutes
* The average production time is between 2 -4 hours
* The most common camera used in newsrooms is the Cannon XH-A1
* The most common edit software in use is Final Cut pro
* Daily papers produce around 4-8 videos a week compared to 1-4 for weeklies
* Publishers with daily and weekly papers produce 2-4 videos a week
* It takes 1 hour to produce 1 minute of video

Useful benchmarks if nothing else.


Andy Dickinson said...

Similar, but my part in Rio Bravo was passed over by the critics.

Andrew Orange said...

I agree. But I really want to know what the deal was with your break up from Burt Bacharach.