Friday, 7 September 2007

DT does video

The Daily Telegraph has launched a video service on its website. They seem to be using Brightcove's service and the content is provided by ITN.

The site is quite imaginative and stylish IMHO. Because it's not generated by their journalists they sometimes feel the need to have the talking head of a hack appear at the end of the video to give you their considered slant, but this often feels redundant.

I suppose they feel they have to "add DT value" otherwise people might just go to the ITN site instead but I have to say that so far I haven't been struck by any fantastic new insights as a result of listening to the DT's conclusions. Indeed, these may come to seem rather counter-productive and I wouldn't be surprised if they dropped it quietly.

The videos are supposed to be embeddable. Indeed they are. Here's one below although I can't predict with any certainty what the story will be as my colleague Adam Tinworth explains.

Anyway, I like what the DT is doing in pushing things ahead with its web offerings. Brave stuff.


Ant said...

Shame it seems very un-crawler friendly. There is no content on the page to index other than a few generic title / header type tags - which means you have to be a Daily Telegraph online reader to know about anything they post.

Brightcove seem to have these issues with their platform - hopefully it can be improved. Or maybe I've missed something

Andrew Orange said...

Oh, gosh, don't say that Ant. We're partnering up with Brightcove at the moment to test out their offering and I'll have the internal Search Police in my tail if they get wind.

There must be a way to address this. Thanks for the tip-off!