Friday, 14 September 2007

Who are these people?

Old story, but it's interesting for those of us beavering away to create audiences to reflect on how numbers can tell half a story or less. The Guardian published an article called Print remains king - for now last month.

First, it is clear most newspaper websites are dominated by overseas users. Only 37% of web users are in the UK. The figure for is lower at 33%. Overseas users are not without value, but not all advertisers want them and they tend to have a different usage pattern from UK users.
It can make advertising a very tricky proposition to put clients (especially for those without geo-targeted ad-serving capabilities)

And thanks to my colleague Kieran Daly for drawing this to my attention. Kieran notes:
The papers are focusing on monthly uniques in their reports. All well and good when you're trying to persuade advertisers, but lethally deceitful internally. Telegraph, it turns out, has 1.9 monthly visits per user!

Worth a read.

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