Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Now you can actually do stuff on Linked In

I've long marvelled at how LinkedIn has achieved such massive membership when it has so little usefulness in it.

Yes, of course I'm on it and I visit almost every day, but that's only because I was foolish enough to set up a Reed Business group for which my punishment seems to be that I must log in daily to approve applications for membership or risk indignant emails from prospective members asking what is causing the delay.

Anyhow, Linked in has now introduced applications and suddenly it has some actual functionality. All I've done so far is to use the Amazon app to indicate what I'm reading but I fear that my punishment for that will be that everyone will now realise what a dreadfully slow reader I am.

Anyway, Linked In says you can now:

Work collaboratively with your network.

* Box on LinkedIn: Share files and collaborate with your network.
* Huddle on LinkedIn: Private workspaces to collaborate with your network on projects.

Share information and keep up to date with your network.

* Amazon on LinkedIn: Discover what your network is reading.
* TripIt on LinkedIn: See where your network is traveling.
* SixApart on LinkedIn: Stay up to date with your network's latest blog posts.

Present yourself and your work in new ways.

* Google Docs on LinkedIn: Embed a presentation on your profile.
* SlideShare on LinkedIn: Share, view and comment on presentations from your network.
* WordPress on LinkedIn: Promote your blog and latest posts.

Gain key insights that will make you more effective.

* Company Buzz by LinkedIn: See what people are saying about your company.

Will try and explore today.

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JD said...

Hah, I just came to this blog via LinkedIn. Not the first time I've popped by, but still...