Friday, 29 February 2008

Farmers Weekly MeetsTop Gear

Kind of. Am really pleased with this latest video from Farmers Weekly Interactive who - under the albeit somewhat anti-cliffhanger title of "2CV beats all eggs-pectations in battle with Citroën's new C-Crosser 4x4" present the video below.

The conceit is that in 1948 Citroën's chief designer Pierre Boulanger decreed that their new car (the 2CV) should be able to carry a French farmer and his wife plus 50kg of potatoes and a small barrel of wine along bumpy country roads and that it should be able to cross a ploughed field with a basket of eggs on board and not break a single one of them.

It led them to wonder which was better for the task - the 60 year old design or the new C-Crosser 4x4.

The detailed article alongside the video is from Farmers Weekly magazine. The video tells the story in five minutes and shows you what you would be desperate to be able to see if you were reading the article in the magazine - a great incentive to follow up your magazine reading on the website.

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