Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Putting out the lights

This blog tailed off rather, didn't it?

How so?

Well, first of all Yammer became the preferred way of sharing information and ideas with colleagues which was always the primary objective of this blog.

Then I decided to take voluntary redundancy from RBI and left its cosy bosom of employment at the end of June 2009.

I had planned to spend a relaxing July and August before looking into options for the next phase of my working life. However the traditional British summer has meant more time sitting inside than I planned, more time talking to people and more time at my computer.

And so as much as I have tried to stop them, ideas have begun to form and I'm following up a few of them already. Yes, they will almost certainly involve the Internet and so they had better be engaging but, that aside, this blog will probably not be the place for talking about them. I may decide not to pursue them at all and hurl myself back into the bosom of employment at some stage. Time will tell.

So if you're interested in keeping up with What Andrew Did Next then do feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Either way, thanks for reading Engagement 101.

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