Friday, 30 January 2009

Twitter lies

Bless @StephenFry.

Britain's National Treasure is following 32,014 on Twitter and 88,728 are following him.

In his latest blog post on the topic, he suggests that people should not be offended if he doesn't follow everyone back and doesn't respond to every direct Tweet.

It's a lovely idea. With that many followers, he has more people reading him than there are circulated copies of most of our B2B magazines; he is even following more people than some of the most niche B2B titles.

Two possibilities - both of which may be true - are:

A. There is no point in following 32,000 people on Twitter. It can not be done. Not while you have a full time job as a National Treasure.

B. The publishing system employed by magazines is really rather a lazy form of communication.


stuart said...

C. He is a famous and very likeable person that people want to be associated with and are nosey enough to want to follow :-)

Andrew Orange said...

... and wants to be loved, hence the effort undertaken in following so many people back.

Unlike Boris Johnson who is following nobody:

TRPW said...

I think he followed everyone back initially because he was a n00b