Thursday, 11 December 2008

Tableizer: turn spreadsheets into HTML tables

This is wonderful. It's like an early Christmas present. So useful. What a lovely tool.

Of course, I didn't have a need right at this moment so to demonstrate it I just took a spreadsheet at random and had a go. Here's the result:

115 31/07/08 Code Convergence - Phase 1 Prepare a 'cookbook' - a guide on how to set up and install community server for a new market and a comprehensive lists of dos and don'ts for the future
145 03/10/08 Code Convergence - Phase 2 "Code refactor of SRS" [Medium Priority] - Some design issues with our single signon library that have increased the amount of time to identify and fix bugs during the past few weeks. There would be benefit to refactoring this feature but it might also be worth waiting until after the current convergence phase as there may be other changes required when upgrading to 2008/9 anyway.
150 10/10/08 Code Convergence - Phase 2 Flight Convergence - Home page enhancements
172 05/11/08 Code Convergence - Phase 2 SEO bug - in a forum click on a post - the SEO url rewriter creates the wrong url.

1 comment:

Danny Sanchez said...

Glad you like it Andrew. Thanks for the link.

By the way, I pushed an enhancement this afternoon that compensates for any extra trailing spaces, which would sometimes cause an extra row in the table.

Thanks again, and hope you and your colleagues enjoy.