Thursday, 17 April 2008

I'm a Churner Prize nominator!

One of my blog addictions (along with icanhascheezburger, obviously) is the Churner Prize, a website in which journalists expose lazy journalism - particularly the over-reliance on press releases.

They justify themselves thus:

Journalists are becoming churnalists. Denied the time, money and resources to do the job properly, many hacks now churn out stories without checking facts or sources. But it’s not their fault, and the best worst best churnalism is worth celebrating.
but in my view being funny and lifting the skirts of the press is justification enough.

Anyway, I'm quietly proud because while doing some genuine research about The Archers (Ruth Archer is talking about starting a blog) I stumbled across some rather miffed Archers fans complaining about the bare-faced cheek of the Daily Telegraph in stealing their quotes.

I thought they had a very good point and knew the Churner Prize folk would hit each nail on the head. They have. Thanks guys.

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